I’ve always liked drawing:

  • I remember when I was 11-12 years old and I spent around one month in the hospital. My gift to the nurses when I finally left was a Dragon Ball Z color drawing.
  • When I was finishing high school the teachers took us to a convention where we could get information about a lot of possibilities we had once we finished. We learned that it’s not all about college. I realize now that the only thing that really interested me enough was a private art school in Madrid.
  • I spent a lot of time learning how to draw comics. I really wanted to be a comic artist some day.

But life gets in the way and I ended up being a software developer. I like it, but I know I would’ve been happier as an artist. I am a very creative person, I love being creative.

In 2022 I plan to start drawing again. I want to start by getting in the habit of drawing daily and we’ll see from there.

You can find my drawings in Instagram (it’s where I’m more active), deviantArt or Artfol.

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